Experience Make Informed Decisions

Experience is the way to expand your business, without the pitfalls.

Information Key to Knowledge

As a Group we have the knowledge and Experience to help your business make Informed Decisions

Knowledge is half the battle

Improving and moving your business forward


Thank you for visiting the Merranti Group, we provide Business to Business Services that assist companies in making Informed Decisions.

We specialise in helping Companies and investors move forward with their aims. From Accountancy to Recruitment, we have a service that can help your business.

What We Do

We provide Business Services to companies that want to Be More.

Our services allow companies to maintain a healthy and forward thinking business without the need to worry about the infrastructure and operational expansion issues. Within the Group there is an extensive property experience in different fields of business, however, our clients are from various industries.

The Group consists of 6 companies providing a core business of Company Services business to business.

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Who We Are

Jason Fudge, founder of the Merranti Group of Companies

Founded by Jason Fudge, he now leads a team of experienced Board Directors who have over 20 years in each of their fields, ranging from Accountancy, Consulting, Recruiting and Property Services.

This gives our clients the ability to call in advice, expertise and action on a project that understands how to fully integrate a number of services.

How can we help you?

The Group consists of a number of companies that work closely together and uses the expertise from each other to provide a rounded and knowledgeable solution for our client’s needs.

For further information on each company click below.

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